VR and eLearning extend options to renew IPAF training

New ways to renew and expand MEWP operator training have been made available by the International Motorized Access Federation (IPAF), offering operators to renew their PAL card and training certification or take their advanced training. operator PAL + other options to use virtual reality simulators (VR sims) and e-learning.

IPAF’s extensive network of training centers are able to complement the way they deliver IPAF MEWP Operator Renewal Training and IPAF PAL + Advanced Operator Training Courses using new VR simulation and simulation options. online learning. Candidates can choose to take their theory exam in eLearning or instructor-led virtual sessions, in addition to the usual in-class module. Training centers can also offer practical renewal modules in addition to the existing PAL + advanced course using VR simulation.

This offers greater flexibility to the candidate and to the training center, and can result in a saving of time. Using VR sims means training is less likely to be disrupted by inclement weather and increases the range of places it can be delivered. Training centers could reduce the cost and space required to maintain their MEWP fleet.

New options to deliver the IPAF Renewal Course or the Advanced PAL + Course have been extensively tested involving IPAF staff and member companies, including Serious Labs, the Edmonton-based virtual reality simulator specialist. , as well as the IPAF training centers and the main subcontractors. The wide range of next-generation learning options has now been approved by the IPAF Training Committee and the IPAF Council.

“The pandemic has called for greater flexibility in the way IPAF training centers deliver courses, in order to provide maximum convenience and biosecurity while maintaining the high standards that underpin all of our training. ISO accredited. While the worst of the pandemic is behind us, we are still seeing an increased demand for online learning, as well as distance learning classes led by an instructor, ”comments Paul Roddis, Head of Training at IPAF.

“At the same time, we have been working closely with our members, including Serious Labs, to develop the offering using VR sims and to truly harness the incredible possibilities offered by the virtual or extended reality environment. We have road tested the PAL + and now the IPAF MEWP Operator Renewal Course over the past two years and are confident that for experienced MEWP operators looking to refresh or expand their training certification, VR simulation is just as easy. good than using real machines.

“We hope that these additional options will allow training providers, candidates and their employers to tailor the delivery of IPAF operator courses to their preferences and requirements, for example by setting up a training center. On-site virtual assessment for a client entrepreneur, or by leading a group of candidates through their theoretical eLearning in a virtual classroom led by a real instructor.

“Of course, operators will always be able to renew or extend their IPAF training using real MEWPs, but these additional options will undoubtedly be of great benefit to training applicants, IPAF training centers and instructors. As before, those looking to get their first PAL IPAF card will need to pass their practice element and assessment using a real MEWP.

Another update recently approved by the IPAF Training Committee and the IPAF Council allows training candidates wishing to renew their training to self-certify that they are an experienced operator by signing a declaration to this effect. They can also use the digital logbook of IPAF’s new ePAL app to demonstrate their relevant equipment experience.

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