Streamate – Adult Sex Toys Review by James Canett

Streamate – Adult Sex Toys Review, by James Canett is something I would put my name on the same page with. From the first lines of the opening narration: “A tale of forbidden love – a romantic comedy” to the end “in which our hero triumphs and falls in love”, this is a highly entertaining and thought-provoking novel.

An attractive student being stalked by someone

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The tale starts with Sam, an attractive student being stalked by someone using a website address. All seems lost for Sam until he meets a certain Samantha through email.

The pair later meet in person and agree to go out on a date and on Sam’s way there, they are ambushed by the stalking caller.

Once outside, Sam finds Samantha taking his cell phone away and has a few problems to deal with. But then Samantha tells him she is in need of a male companion and she invites him to meet her.

However, Sam finds himself confused over the woman he has just met and asks to see Samantha’s house. This happens only to happen in a secluded area so Sam is not able to find her. So he asks where she lives and ends up at her home.

Samantha later reveals that she is now married and has moved in with a married man. However, Sam still has hopes of finding out who she is.

After having sex with Samantha

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Sam has a great time but soon realizes that he is scared. The next day, Sam is unable to resist acting on a night out with some friends. His actions get him into trouble with Samantha and she makes a point of not letting him out of her sight for a while.

It is discovered, however, that Sam has the hots for Samantha and becomes very jealous when she fails to tell him she was talking to a married man. Samantha also tries to persuade Sam that he needs to get a job and pursue a career instead of chasing after Samantha.

Sam cannot leave Samantha alone because he feels guilty and for this reason tries to do what he can to get out of being around her. Unfortunately, Sam only makes things worse when he decides to confess to Samantha his feelings for her. It turns out that Samantha finds this odd because she thinks Sam has fallen in love with a woman.

In short, Samantha’s reaction to Sam’s confession of love shows that she is not used to being around men. What is more, this prompts Samantha to make her own confession to Sam and say how she feels.

“How can adults use adult sex toys to satisfy their sexual desires”

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As you can see, this story’s main point is not “how can adults use adult sex toys to satisfy their sexual desires”, it is about how two people mature together as their relationships and experiences change. This way we can see a few different sides of two people’s relationships.

I really enjoyed this book and will probably want to read the rest of the series as I am a fan of the author’s work. If you are looking for a good read, this might be a good choice for you.

Streamate – Adult Sex Toys Review is a tale that will probably entertain you for quite a while. It has everything a first-timer needs to know about romance and true love.

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