Stratbeans unleashes the power of AI-powered e-learning for manufacturing

Stratbeans, a company driving digital transformation through AI-powered e-learning, is seeing a 3-fold increase in demand for e-learning solutions from the manufacturing sector. The company offers platform-independent modules accessible through a simple device like a smartphone to help manufacturing companies identify areas best suited for self-paced learning and provide playful or game-based learning. , story-based learning, animated videos, game-based assessments, and so on.

Manufacturing companies often face a significant skills gap between what they need and what is actually available in the market. Employers can solve this problem by establishing a digital learning plan that teaches unskilled employees the skills to help build a high-quality manufacturing unit. In this way, learners can visualize the supply chain and increase their reactive knowledge of practical situations. Game-based modules integrated with supply chain functionalities work best in the case of manufacturing companies.

“Using an online learning app rather than a traditional learning method can make the whole training process more efficient. Using advanced AI-powered digital tools and techniques, manufacturing companies can successfully teach their employees about every element of a production line, improve productivity and efficiency, and ensure better chain management. supply, ”said Pradeip Agarwal, COO and co-founder of Stratbeans.

Stratbeans provides its advanced learning solutions to both – companies that provide training through their conventional learning methods as well as those that leverage technology and digital tools to deliver learning in the aftermath of COVID -19. The main problems facing the industry today are the risks associated with large investments. The company intends to solve this problem by recommending a gradual investment. Another difficulty is not being sure of the benefits. The company is working hard to determine the return on investment and how e-learning can help the industrial industry.

About Stratbeans

Stratbeans provides technology platforms to drive customer success through the digital transformation of learning, collaboration and revenue generation. Founded by Sameer Nigam, Prasoon Nigam and Pradeip Agarwal, Stratbeans offers businesses a 360-degree approach to the digital transformation of all business functions and enables individuals and teams to learn together to better perform for the growth and profitability of the company.

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