SOWL token holders can fund free online learning for underprivileged children

  • Buy $ 100 worth of SOWL tokens; give a child 6 months of virtual education via the EarlyBird application

Maryland, United States, Sep 13, 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, SOWL Token has launched a new program – The SOWL Purpose – where token holders can educate a child in need simply by purchasing tokens. With this program, the purchase of $ 100 of SOWL tokens sponsors a child for 6 months of virtual education on the EarlyBird application of SOWL Token.

Countless children around the world struggle against a system of educational inequality. This problem has only been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has left nearly half of the world’s students out of school due to school closures.[1] Families of disadvantaged children can rarely afford the fees charged by high tech platforms. As their classmates turn to distance learning, children in need hope to catch up with the rest.

“I’m excited to launch this program because it’s not just crypto – SOWL Token is helping children around the world,” said Megan Hallett, Founder and CEO of SOWL Token. “At SOWL Token, you can buy a token with high growth potential and make a difference in the world. This project was inspired by my commitment to help the world grow financially and help children in need around the world.

The cryptocurrency industry is filled with developers who take out competitor’s strength codes and undermine competitors with lower transaction fees and higher returns. Cryptocurrency is now about who can make the most money. In fact, the average developer abandons their project once they have quickly earned $ 100,000. As an educator, Megan Hallett wanted to change that with a cryptocurrency that not only gives back to the developer and token holders, but also helps children in need.

For every $ 100 of tokens purchased, SOWL Token sponsors a child with a free semester of the EarlyBird Virtual Education System. In order to support this cause, tokens must be purchased through presale, ICO or IFO of SOWL Token. For every $ 100, buyers receive 333,334 SOWL tokens. Once the transaction is complete, the token holder simply needs to send an email or message to SOWL Token with proof of purchase.

SOWL Token verifies the purchase details, after which the team selects a child from their “Free Virtual Education Waiting List” and emails them an invitation to the program. The SOWL Token team then shares the lucky child’s first name and country with the token holder who sponsored them. Since SOWL Token sends progress updates every 6 months, each token holder can track the progress of the child they sponsored.

SOWL Token’s online learning app, EarlyBird, has been designed specifically for children ages 1-8. The app has learning levels that teach specific topics like numbers, reading, and shapes. The app also has “SpecTech” features, including artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and video tutoring.

EarlyBird has 3 patents pending and 1 registered trademark. These intellectual property assets, combined with the company’s profits, support the token and provide stability. EarlyBird also won the Mom’s Choice Gold Award. As the app evolves and gets new features, the token also grows in value.

SOWL Token has created a tokenomics-based token that helps make the world a better place for future generations. They already have 200 children on their waiting list. By purchasing SOWL Token, cryptocurrency enthusiasts can see their money grow and see a child smile.

About the SOWL token

SOWL Token has launched a utility token that helps cryptocurrency buyers grow their money and sponsor underprivileged children with free education. Each $ 100 purchase of SOWL Tokens sponsors a child for 6 months of free education on the SOWL Token EarlyBird app. With this token, SOWL Token creates equality in education around the world.

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