Back to school with eLearning and visual AI

As the online learning industry grows rapidly during COVID, engineering and product teams are choosing AI-powered test automation to ensure optimal UX for training and education platforms. digital education.

Back to school with eLearning and visual AI

Applitools announced the growing adoption of Applitools Visual AI for various e-learning platforms including EVERFI, Age of Learning, Imagine Learning and more. Applitools also uses Visual AI technology for its own online training platform, Test Automation University, which helps more than 80,000 software engineers gain knowledge and training for test automation skills.

The demand for e-learning has grown exponentially during COVID, as has the need to provide new features and capabilities to students in hybrid educational environments. Applitools Visual AI helps software and product engineering teams validate the user experience (UX) of an e-learning platform and uncover bugs in the user interface (UI) faster than ever . It uses machine learning from more than a billion images analyzed, in addition to AI improvement data from more than 130 combinations of web browsers and different versions, various display windows d ‘devices and direct user feedback on UI flaws, dynamic content, etc.

“Applitools has changed our approach to quality assurance, making us a faster and more cohesive development team, while giving us more confidence in the quality of our product with every push to production,” said Alex Dinari. , Senior Front-End Engineer at Learning Age.

Over the past year, the closure of many businesses and educational institutions has resulted in the exponential growth of the virtual learning industry, making transparent UX vital to the success of students and programs. As more companies and institutions invest in virtual education and training, the online learning market is expected to exceed $ 1,000 billion by 2027 according to Global Market Insights *. With such growth, the eLearning market is highly competitive and an optimal user experience is imperative.

One example is EVERFI, a provider of e-learning products. EVERFI uses Applitools visual AI to easily and quickly compare rendered pages at scale. When designing its new common product platform, EVERFI’s development teams found that a single development change could impact a range of courses with unintended consequences, affecting tens of thousands of pages. Web.

“Applitools allows us to confidently test nearly 5,000 unique platform pages. We rely on Applitools to help us capture the hundreds of thousands of combinations that will exist in all courses once all courses are migrated, ”said Greg Sypolt, vice president of quality assurance at EVERFI.

EVERFI also encountered user experience and platform opacity issues, making it impossible to know what users were seeing due to the variety of ways and places where screens can be dynamically generated.

“How can we improve the user experience if we don’t know exactly what our users are seeing? The number of permutations is overwhelming and it was impossible for the UX team to navigate. Applitools provides instant access and validation to massive screen inventory and the peace of mind of knowing that every regression is immediately detected across all screen variations, ensuring the user experience is exactly as it was intended. to be. I feel like it’s a transformative tool for our UX team and the way we partner with developers to improve the user experience, ”said Marianne Epstein, UX Design Director at EVERFI.

The growth of the eLearning market has grown exponentially over the past five years and shows no signs of slowing down. Applitools is no stranger to this explosive growth and the challenges associated with providing virtual learning experiences. Test Automation University and its new Automation Cookbook and Test Kitchen are examples of how visual AI ensures dynamic learning and training experiences that will have a lifelong impact.

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