ASCOSYS launches a unique eLearning platform

In a Major to reinforce To the educative sector, through the development of digital content, a New online learning Platform appointed GYANSROTA is inaugurated in Vivanta Guwahati.

The vision of this New online learning Platform is of to bring quality education To a affordable the price pan India. India strength to be the of the world second more English – literate country, corn this awareness of global Tongue can not to be authorized To to create a discriminatory mentality towards other Indian languages. GYANSROTA is designed To to take care of the students of the all country independently of their site, Tongue, and economic status. Their curriculum specific Contents are not limit To the students who are studying in the English way alone.

In the first phase, GYANSROTA is future in 9 languages with 14 educative boards covering 23 States and 8 Ut on the other side India. Assam is the alone state or students always appear for 4 different languages in their plank exam and Therefore like a Mark of the respect, ASCOSYS is departure trip of the Earth of Assam. Departure today, GYANSROTA‘s digital to study materials will to be available for SEBA in 3 mediums – Assamese, Bodo, and English, covering the program of To classify 9 and ten.

In the second phase, content for the Maharashtra plank in marathi will to be available of October 2021. regular through Bengali of Where is Bengal plank, SEBA, and Tripura plank. Odia content for the Orissa plank, Gujrati for the Gujrat plank, and Punjabi for the Punjab plank will to be covered in consecutive month.

GYANSROTA is ready with online learning materials for the science flux of Classes 11 and 12 inch English way and the rest of the 8 mediums will to be available through Dec 2021.

Through 2022, GYANSROTA will develop his horizon through add 16 other Indian languages covering 6 more boards. This phase will culminate through covering the all K12 segment.

The main agenda is To to bring quality education To a affordable the price and To eliminate the Tongue fence in the online learning sector. Even if India is a of the more quickly growth mobile and the Internet markets, always of To various the reasons, a majority of the student could not access this Technology To take advantage the benefit to of eLearning. TO minimize this digital to divide GYANSROTA is manufacturing his start with the preloaded version so this site, money, etc does not restrict in get the benefit to of education.

Among the Songs sung in 9 languages, the Assamese, Bodo, Hindi, and Bengali Songs were sung through the sensation of Assam, Zubeen Garg, while Songs in Marathia, Gujrati, Odia, and Punjabi were sung through Sandeep Goswami. The English song was sung through Fransiskq. Each of the Songs was compound through Rajdweep.

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